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Activities in Benum Hill Resort

Activities Gallery


Benum Hill Resort can be your ultimate adventure destination as its exclusivity characterizes every part of its service. All guests can be assured of attentive and qualified guides and instructors for their chosen activity. As the resort is closed to the public for the better part of the year, guests can expect an uncluttered, un-crowded haven when the resort is open to public.

Our team is made up of unique personalities who strive to make your stay a memorable one. Our nurturing and rewarding environment empowers our staff to have the freedom to make the right choices when it comes to your needs and wishes. Together, we ensure the highest standards are met and collectively, we strive to surpass your expectations.

Benum Hill Resort is the perfect location for adventure seekers, family getaways, motivational campsite programmes, family days or corporate events.
Let us take you to the limits with:  

  • Obstacle Courses to literally take your breath away

  • High Rope activities so you can see what’s below you

  • Water Activities to enjoy nature at its best

  • Telematches designed exclusively to embrace nature

  • Impromptu Jungle Trekking is of no worry

  • Night Jungle Walks to uncover the nocturnal beauty of Mother  Nature

  • Sports and Fitness activities to meet even the toughest fitness junkies’ needs

No Activities
1. Obstacle Courses

i. Ground Elements
Vault, Swinging Board, 1.8 m wall, Graduated Balance Walk, Monkey Rack, Tarzan Swing, Tunnel, Wire Grating, 3.0 m wall.

ii. Low Elements
Wild Woosely, Hickory Jump, Tension Traverse.

iii. Initiative Elements
Hole in one, All Aboard, King Finger, Telephone Post Shuffle.
2 High Rope Activities
Flying Fox, Abseiling, Postmen Walk, Multivine Traverse, Burma Bridge.
3 Water Activities
Kayaking, Rafting, River Crossing.
4 Jungle Trekking
5 Night Jungle Walk
6 Telematches Events
Caterpillar race, Tempurung race, Banana Olympics, ,Three Legged Race, Candle Race, Tug of war, Gunny sack race, Squeeze out, etc.
7 Sports Astaka Basketball, Futsal, Football field, Sand Volleyball, Netball, Badminton Courts, etc.
8 Jogging trail
9 Fitness circuit Balance beam, Beam jump, Vault bar, Horizontal ladder, Log hop, Parallel bar, Push up bar, Sit up bench, Chin up and Vertical ladder.