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Facilities in Benum Hill Resort

Facilities Gallery


Benum Hill Resort promises you unforgettable adventures! Nature lovers will revel at the chance to observe the beauty of flowers and scenery right at their doorsteps. At the same time, thrilling outdoor activities await adventure seekers who crave for adrenaline-pumping experiences.

We offer you to experience the memorable services and facilities our resort has to offer. Our  attentive staff,  wide variety of activities, comfortable rooms and comprehensive facilities to cater to the needs of the leisure traveler and thrill-seekers alike makes Benum Hill Resort an ideal retreat.

No. Activities No. of units Capacity
1 Meeting facilities

i. Conference Hall (Air-conditioned)

ii. Cafetaria (Air-conditioned)

iii. Meeting room (Air-conditioned)

iv.Pavilion hall

v. Training rooms






600 pax

60 pax

30 pax

100 pax

50 pax
2 Dining hall    
3 Dining room (Air-conditioned)    
4 Karaoke    
5 Surau / Prayers room    
6 Jacuzzi, Sauna & Steam bath    
7 Sports Astaka
Football field, Basketball court, badminton court, futsal court, sand volleyball court, etc.